with presence, empathy and compassion.


personal growth. self actualization. change.


gender / sexuality / relationships

counselor / listener / whisperer

discovery / curiosity / learning

The Gift of Touch is for you.

Despite being one of our most important needs, touch isn't always as satisfying as we might like. Do you feel you're missing the connection to satisfying touch? Rediscovering touch is actually quite simple, but takes some “un-learning” and practice.

We start with very simple exercises using objects and hands to help begin the "re-wiring" process. As you progress, you learn what it really means to give and receive, to have the freedom to choose, and how to do that well. You'll come to understand the nature of the gift, and how that opens us up to a wonderful part of our lives.

Touch isn’t all about sex. Yes, that can be part of it, but in this series, we aren’t exploring the sexual nature of touch. Appreciating the gifts can be deeply understood with just the hands. Our role together is to learn these first essential steps.

As you open up to this, all the rest will happen more easily, including the erotic. You get to explore that part on your own. And then you’ll discover that everything is a lot more fun!