I find deep joy in helping others with sex, relationships, gender, love, self-actualization, non-monogamy, personal integrity, empowerment.

Self  How do we come to find who we really are? The process of self discovery may be easy for some, but is often painful and terrifying for many.  Stepping past your fear is difficult. Find a safe place and safe people to open up to who you are.

Boundaries  All of us have them.  Most of us allow others to define them, change them and ignore them.  Without understanding our personal boundaries, growth in areas like relationships, sex, gender can seem impossible.

Love  We can choose to love, to fall in to love. When we open ourselves to love, learning and discovery become wonderful ways to thrive.  Lovers offer us more than simple relief.  From our shared experiences comes expansion and wonder, growth and completeness.

Relationships  The complexity of any relationship can be overwhelming. Physical and emotional intimacy asks much more of us. Polyamory, open relationships and monogamy need care and feeding that comes from understanding and practice.

Play  Our lives demand our time in ways we cannot always control. Work, family, social committments - each of these can loom large, forcing us to choose in ways that can overshadow and drown out the "rest" of our life. Play is an essential part of how we are whole beings. Explore new ways to play.

Agency  We own ourselves but often give that away.  Sometimes this is conscious, but too often it is coerced or forced. Claiming your agency, your autonomy, means you have choice.

in depth

Teaching is a joy. Guiding others through a process of discovery is an amazing experience, and I've had some really powerful moments. I've done a lot of my teaching in the college and university environment, with classes in anthropology, gender and sexuality and technology.

I've also been very engaged with teaching about safety. This includes consent, safer sex, body image, customer service, self care, and the 'dark arts'. I enjoy custom tailoring a class to meet the need of a particular community or group - just ask!

I am also pleased to offer training and education to hospitality groups in the area of LGBTQ friendliness and acceptance.