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workshops, training and education for organizations and groups

Organizations and groups of all sizes can sometimes need help and guidance.

Is your organization struggling with language use around gender or behavior?

Is gender proving to be much more than a simple binary?

Do you want your staff to be heroes for all of your clientele?

Is your workplace feeling uncertain or unsafe because of attitude and expression?

Working together, we can first understand the problem and the organizational culture, identify the underlying assumptions, and develop approaches to resolve these kinds of challenges.

booking for groups and organizations

please contact me via email or phone to discuss your organization's needs. Preliminary consultations are at no charge.


we begin with mutual trust and a conversation. your situation matters.

you decide the value you place on what we do together. 

fees are based on a rate of $60 per hour.

some offerings and methods may involve a sequence that requires several steps to completion.

all work begins with a complimentary 30 minute introduction: what are your needs? are we a good fit?