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A range of bodywork and somatic practices are available.

Guided Touch

Change and expand your experience of touch. Discover a new way to awaken and understand yourself. Guided Touch means that you have complete choice about how you want to be touched. This whole body experience puts you in complete control of what happens. More pressure? Absolutely! Slow down? Of course! Stop and start? Thank you for asking. Please don’t touch there. Thank you for letting me know.
Be curious about your own experience. Allow yourself to feel whatever feelings come up for you without the pressure of having to repsond or explain: this is just about you. Open yourself to a new way of thinking about your body through Daoist Tantric touch. Hesitant? Fearful? These are normal parts of all of us, and yet are tools to powerful self-inquiry. Unlock the doorway to your deeper needs and feelings. Explore!
Guided Touch opens the door to a deep understanding of what giving and receiving really mean in any relationship, and why “okay” is not a good word. Find choice, find your “hell yes!” and be really clear about your own “NO.” We’ll work at your own pace to connect to yourself or yourself and your partner in a comfortable, soothing setting.


Shirodara, a composite Sanskrit term that breaks down into ’shiro’ or head and ‘dhara’ or flow, is a long honored method to relax the mind and body wherein warm oil (the ‘flow’, or ‘stream of oil’) is focused generally in the third eye area, and a slow spiral movement offers a path to deep relaxation. The power of this method may open the recipient up to a multilevel experience that invites the entire body to enjoy a deep, relaxing pleasure.
Come discover a new approach, Kamindhara, or Erotic flow. Using a similar modality, the recipient is opened to their own sense of erotic flow throughout the entire body. This practice focuses on the individual and is an opportunity to experience the power of pure receiving.
The practice involves streaming warmed oil over the whole body, with specific focus on the chakras. Please note that this gets messy! There are a few prerequisites for this practice which we will discuss in the consultation session. Note that this practice runs a minimum of 90 minutes, and there is a small materials surcharge.

Fire Cupping

This practice involves the use of small glass cups applied to the back and requires a careful, in-depth pre-consultation. Fire cupping offers a deep form of relaxation to the whole body. As a cup is applied, the area "cupped" is pulled into the cup itself. For most people, this is a relaxing, fun way to dive into your sensory body. NOTE: This practice is something that must be negotiated carefully on a case-by-case basis - we have an in-depth conversation prior to the actual work.

how we work together

we begin with a conversation and mutual trust. your situation matters.

together, we decide the value you place on what we do. 

please note that many offerings and methods involve a sequence that requires several steps to completion.

all work begins with a complimentary 30 minute introduction: what are your needs? are we a good fit?